Handmade Paper

handmade seed paper

Handmade seed-embedded paper will delight your customers! 

There is something magical and unique about handmade paper, particularly if it’s earth-friendly, made from 100% recycled pulp and embedded with flower or herb seeds. Incorporate handmade paper in a variety of promotional projects for

  • trade show product launches (bookmarks, door hangers with front pocket; business cards, pamphlets, matchbooks);
  • conference gifts, product packaging (wrappers, swing tags, matchbooks);
  • bridal showers (invitations; favors);
  • graduations;
  • baby showers;
  • anniversaries;
  • memorial service (thank you cards, ‘green’ cremation urn/seeded pillow box or pyramid box).

fancy matchbook

Lightweight and easy to carry, this 50 mm x 70 mm matchbook is printed in full color with your logo or message. A swatch of seed paper is inside and will grow herbs or flowers when it’s planted.

Shapes cut out from sheets of seeded paper are attached to a printed card, thus serving a dual purpose of communicating your brand message to customers as well as being an inspiring gift to grow a patch of flowers [marigolds] or herbs [parsley, mint, hot chili, sage, thyme) by planting the seeded paper insert in loosened soil.

invite - handmade paper

Dried pressed flower petals and plant fibers are an optional addition to the pulp to create texture and colour to the paper. Die-cut shapes include a butterfly, dove, heart, flower pot, tree, house, key, and teddy bear. The card [bookmark, swing tag, postcard, matchbook, open card] is printed on stock board (320 g) in full color.

fancy card - handmade paper

  • Our Plant-A-Tree Grow-A-Forest theme consists of a single tree seed (indigenous varieties) packaged in a small sealed envelope, made from handmade paper.
  • Seeded paper is made in size A4 [297mm x 210mm] & size A3 [297mm x 420mm] sheets. Colour of paper is natural, but can be tinted in any color if required. Minimum Quantity Order: 100 sheets.
  • Handmade envelopes in sizes C6 [114mm x 162mm] & A6 [105mm x 148mm] in unseeded handmade paper (natural or color tinted).
  • Other seeded paper projects include a pyramid box and pillow box (die-cut and scored for easy assembly; flat pack).

Handmade paper (unseeded), available in a wide range of colors

River Reed white, River Reed cream, Rooibos cream, Rooibos rust, Coffee white, Coffee brown, Wild Grass, Cinnamon, Paprika, Calendula Petals cream, Calendula Petals white, Rosemary white, Rosemary cream, Lavender Leaves & Buds white, Lavender Leaves & Buds cream, Mint Leaves white, Mint Leaves cream, Lemongrass white, Lemongrass cream, Marjoram white, Marjoram cream, Parsley cream, Parsley white, Chamomile cream, Chamomile white.

Printing: Litho or desktop printing on seeded paper is not recommended, although pad printing and stamping in large format text in one color is suitable. An alternative option is to create a card (bookmark, door hanger, open card, swing tag, postcard, DL pamphlet, and so forth) printed on stock board (300 gsm) in one or more colors as required; the recipient retains the card to benefit from your brand image and message, and removes the seeded paper attachment that is planted in soil. The assembled card is packaged in a clear cellophane sleeve (optional). Planting instructions are printed on each card.

Contact Theresa (ecottage@gmail.com) to order seeded-paper sheets, die-cut seeded shapes, pyramid or pillow boxes, small tree seed envelopes.


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