Writing Consulting Service

The purpose of the SAWN Writing Consulting Service is to help writers wanting to publish their work [through a subsidy book publisher or self-publishing]. SAWN is able to produce business literature to showcase products and services to develop brand identity.

List of services.

Our team of language specialists is able to assist in a variety of ways:

  • Developing subject matter commissioned by an author, while maintaining originality;
  • Using literary skills to develop themes and story lines, while making characters and plots believable;
  • Working to tight deadlines;
  • Offering recommendations to enhance pre-written content through copy editing [light, medium, heavy, stylistic, structural and developmental];
  • Undertaking independent research as required;
  • Conducting interviews by phone or email;
  • Submitting material for the authors’ approval, in the required and expected format;
  • Ghost writing [writing for others under the other person’s name];
  • Assisting an author to self-publish their work;
  • Providing a critiquing service to writers;
  • Writing a review, synopsis and author biography;
  • Creating book cover designs and content illustrations;
  • Assisting an author to present a written proposal to a subsidy book publisher (Please Note: SAWN is not a Literary Agent);
  • Developing a marketing campaign to promote self-published works.
  • Writing articles on diverse topics for publication [print or online];
  • Reading books or online sources to gain an understanding of the topic;
  • Preparing layouts and incorporating graphic images to support text;
  • We understand the importance of client confidentiality, and will sign a legally binding confidentiality agreement if required;
  • All work is guaranteed plagiarism free;

SAWN Writing Consulting Service offers more than a collection of recommended solutions; as full-time language specialists and published authors our team carries out most of the specialized projects , such as a proposal, synopsis, critique, review, press release, articles, interview and self-promotion, on your behalf. We also provide step-by-step guidelines to help you develop successful methodologies, solve unfamiliar problems, plan a marketing campaign aimed at select target audiences, boost your writing productivity to stay on track, meet deadlines, and remain motivated.

Written work worthy of publication for the retail consumer market [or for in-house circulation among employees, suppliers or customers] is a collective effort that writers, editors, writing consultants, literary agents, graphic designers and publishers engage in together. Emerging writers and established authors alike benefit from having their work reviewed by different sets of eyes. It is often difficult for a writer to review their own work critically. 

Consultancy Fee: R360 that includes:

  • Screening of Prospect Inquiries
  • Initial interview and questionnaire compilation
  • Information analysis
  • Proposal development and summary of results
  • Follow-up interview and proposal negotiation
  • Consulting proposal contract: projects and price quotation

Blog posts include topics to inspire writers [follow our editorial calendar]:

The SAWN Writing Consulting Service is publicized through social media networks, blogs and forums to build awareness of the value consultation add to your operation. Client satisfaction is the core measure of our success. We believe building a strong relationship with our clients through consistent, straightforward communication is essential to achieve our objectives.

Email your queries to Theresa [ecottage@gmail.com] so that we may boost your writing productivity.

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