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Start A Business


Entrepreneurs today have ample opportunities to start a business and grow to become trailblazers in their industry. South Africa will not see its unemployment rate decrease if the unemployed merely hope for an economic upturn to deliver a flood of lucrative jobs. The path to economic growth is for people to evaluate their skills and talents, adopt a Biz Culture, and start-up a business – even if it’s at micro level at first. While South Africa is an emerging market with an abundant supply of natural resources and well-developed support sectors, unemployment remains high.

What’s your tycoon potential? 
When starting a micro or small business you are faced at the very outset with a simple but crucial task: taking stock of your present situation. This means that you have to look at your personal situation, and your strengths and weaknesses. The ancient Greeks recorded a piece of good advice: Know thyself. While it is important to recognize your assets such as education, experience, technical skills, appearance, personality and degree of initiative, it is equally important to know your inabilities, so that you are aware of areas you need to develop. Self-employment carries huge responsibilities not only to yourself but also to your family, employees, suppliers, customers and even your community.

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