Sales and Services Booklet

A Sales and Services booklet differs from a brochure primarily in scope. While a brochure generally provides sales information, the booklet offers useful information in a more general sense. The ultimate purpose of a Sales and Services booklet is to educate a target audience. It contains tips, techniques or strategies to help accomplish certain tasks. Because your company becomes a source of information and help, prospects think of your company as they learn new information. The best information to include in a booklet is practical “how-to” content on a topic that is both relevant to your business and important to your customers. Sometimes the answer to challenges turns out to be information that is known but simply forgotten. The Sales and Services booklet acts as a reminder; it can also serve as a vehicle to promote new information for novices to a particular industry.

Typically a Sales and Services booklet measures 90-mm x 220-mm, has 16 to 24 interior pages, fits perfectly into a purse, pocket, or briefcase, and can conveniently be mailed in a standard-size envelope. Furthermore, people are reluctant to discard booklets, which mean these publications magically travel from one person to another, spreading your message beyond the original recipient.

  • Booklets can be written on any topic
  • Booklets are powerful marketing tools
  • Booklets can help improve staff productivity
  • Booklets identify prospects in your own industry by looking at the vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers
  • Booklets have lasting value, more than many handouts currently used by marketers
  • Booklets heighten your company’s credibility as an expert in the industry and draws the prospect to you when it’s time to purchase
  • Booklets cost less than many other giveaways and can also effectively be used throughout the year in other areas of your sales and marketing efforts. Other uses include direct mail campaigns or selling the rights to your booklet to another company, which might involve translating it into other languages to reach additional markets

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