Proposal Writing Service

SAWN’s Proposal Writing Service involves planning, gathering information and resources, following the guidelines for the proposal, identifying the objectives, developing a work plan (activities and timelines), project summary, and copy writing. Guidelines usually tell you the funding goals and priorities, who can apply,  the deadline to submit the proposal, available funding, and who to contact. An effective proposal can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful effort to materialize a project [tender, proposition, recommendation, publish a book, organize a fundraising campaign, scheme] or suggestion, put forward for the consideration by others. The intention of a detailed written proposal is generally to outline ideas for a project, objectives and scope of the engagement in terms of timing, staffing, qualifications, fees and expenses. The proposal should highlight four key categories:

  • Opportunities. which arise from “problems” that require effective solutions
  • Solutions
  • Execution [turning ideas into tangible products or services]
  • Outcomes [changes in markets, consumer behaviors, competitive offerings]

Use these cornerstones to organize your thoughts to prepare the following features:

• Introduction [define the subject, state the purpose, state the main point, stress the importance of the main idea, provide background information, forecast the organization of the document]

• Description of the current situation [describe the problem, discuss the causes of the problem, discuss the effects of the problem if nothing is done]

• Description of the project plan [identify the solution, state the objectives of the proposal, describe the plan’s implementation process]

• Identify the outcomes

• Review of qualifications [provide short biographies of individuals who will be involved in the project, description of support staff, list of similar projects]

• Discussion of costs and benefits

• Graphics

• Budget

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