Logo Creation

Logo creation is mandatory to increase brand value

Look like the company you want to be; it is important to get your corporate image right by simply choosing the right color combinations, text, font, and design layout. Similarly, you can re-position an older company to look more modern by choosing new colors and tweaking the design. The effect of color choices is immediate and can boost your company image. Consumer perception is key when introducing a new logo or emblem, which becomes a recognizable icon for the business (brand) itself.  A logo must therefore be eye-catching, easy to interpret, and memorable. Because a logo design often forms a permanent part of a brand’s image it is crucial that business owners send the right message the first time – you only have once chance to make a good first impression; you don’t want to be stuck with a mediocre, ineffectual logo for decades. A well-designed logo should be easy to reproduce in black-and-white or full colour for diverse purposes (from small formats for letterheads, business cards and merchandise branding  to  blown-up sizes for billboards, vehicle signage and banners).

  • Royal blue symbolizes power and stability;
  • Soft burgundy and gold symbolizes nurturing;
  • Pastel pink or blue are reminiscent of childhood;
  • Pale yellow (or gold) symbolizes sunlight, but is more effective if used as an accessory to a stronger colour such as burgundy or green;
  • Orange symbolizes warmth, sensuality, joy, and energy;
  • Green symbolizes peace but calls to be accentuated by vibrant “flower” colors such as red, apricot, yellow or gold;
  • Brown is earth-colored and symbolizes warmth and sensibility;
  • Red is a firm favorite. For some people red symbolizes love and to others it suggests danger, fire and passion;
  • Violet, purple, mauve and grey-greens suggest mourning, but are ideal colors for expressing gentle, emotional products;
  • Black symbolizes power, sophistication, drama, and elegance;
  • White is associated with purity, simplicity, innocence, peace and honesty;

The graphic look of an organization should be viewed as permanent or at least very long term. The objective is to develop a durable graphic presentation of the business that will work for your organization ten years hence, as well as it does today. Thus, the look of the company, its graphics, colors  or type styles, should not be too trendy; when the fad passes the company might look out-of-date or behind the times. A logo (with subtle or obvious symbolism) is the way the company name is communicated to the outside world. Logo design and branding is one of the key pillars of a company’s identity.

Contact Theresa (ecottage@gmail.com) to design a new logo for your company or upgrade your existing logo.

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