How to Design A Press Kit

How to design a press kit focuses on supplying the media with relevant information (news release, photographs, invitation, copy of speech, slides or DVD) to generate publicity. It can be used to announce new products, publicize new policies, recognize employees, describe research breakthroughs, announce a book launch, or report financial performance. But to receive media coverage, the message, the person, group, or event being publicized must be viewed by the media as newsworthy.

For an event or story to be defined as newsworthy it should meet the following criteria:

  • Timing and relevance, and if the topic is current and unique.
  • Significance, relevant to the number of people affected by the story.
  • Proximity; the story will be more relevant if it is of interest to the local community [not necessarily geographical distance, but of relevance to local readers].
  • Prominence; the story or event is perceived as more newsworthy if the people involved are well-known.
  • Human interest  stories appeal to our emotions [conflict, extremes, scandal, social inequality, incompetence, surprising, hypocrisy, and aim to evoke responses such as amusement or sadness.  

A Press Conference will draw media representatives if they are convinced the subject or speaker has news value. Company tours and speeches to civic or professional groups are other forms of individual-to-group communications. A well-written press release will get media attention for your company, helping your firm establish a reputation as a leader in its industry, and build confidence in your brand. Contact us to discuss writing your next press release or planning your public relations campaign.

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