Creative Ideas for Presentations

The intention of developing creative ideas for presentations should be to inform, persuade and build goodwill. The types of presentations are as diverse as there are different areas of interest and audiences:



  • Assignment briefings [proposals]
  • Building brand awareness
  • Entertainment presentations [clubs, service organizations, adult education programs, social organizations]
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Image-building [meetings; these presentations are informative, entertaining, persuasive and goodwill oriented]
  • Informational and motivational presentations
  • Interview presentations [for example, whenever a company spokesperson, political candidate, celebrity, writer, or other expert is interviewed for a magazine or newspaper article, or appears on a radio or television talk show, that person is delivering a presentation]
  • Multipurpose presentation
  • Political presentations [social responsibility. community empowerment, entrepreneurial opportunities, social services]
  • Sales presentation [topic ideas: new sales techniques, dealing with diversity in the workplace, creating workplace harmony, time management and stress reduction, team building, negotiation or leadership, collaborative management]
  • Training programs [seminars, workshops, conferences]

In today’s fast-paced global business climate, getting your point across quickly and effectively has become more important than ever. SAWN is able to assist you in planning a presentation and getting your ideas across. Even if you have delivered many presentations, you can always improve by

  • building a logical structure
  • making storyboards
  • creating compelling visuals that add value
  • preparing handouts

It is vital to know about the customs and cultural differences of your audience: language can cause many misunderstandings, greeting VIP’s at the beginning of your speech may or may not be customary; political correctness, and whether to use humor in a speech or during the question-and-answer session.

Contact Theresa ( to assist you in writing speeches, and producing slides, overheads, flip charts and handouts (branded gifts, catalogue’s, pamphlets).