AIDA Your Blog Post!

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AIDA Your Blog Post!

An attention-grabbing blog post gives the reader a reason to want to read the piece. The opening statement should leap off the page. Communicate the benefit of reading the rest of the article. Include a shocking statistic to engage readers. Make sure the first couple of sentences make a claim that sparks curiosity. Ask an insightful question. Provide a rational solution to a noteworthy problem. Back up your viewpoint with sound advice from a respected public figure.

The goal is to construct your blog post into a concise tutorial guide or how-to piece to encourage readers to reflect on the ideas you are proposing. The acronym AIDA is a clever tool for ensuring that your blog writing attracts attention. The acronym stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. These four steps point the reader in the direction you want them to take. It pays to put time and effort into creating a blog post. Talk directly to your readers. Get their attention by using powerful words or visuals (images, links, and embedded videos) that will further reinforce their attention. The next challenging step is building on readers’ interest. Stay focused on their needs by elaborating on relevant issues. Use bullets to make your points stand out. The Interest and Desire parts of AIDA are synonymous; as you build the readers’ interest you also need to help them recognize how what you are offering can benefit them in a real way.

Finally, your blog post should conclude with a call to action. You may want to add a URL and invite them to subscribe to your newsletter, browse your Web site for more information, or view a new product. Be inventive in your closing; think outside the box, and then go a massive leap further to make a lasting impression on your reader. Remember, you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression! Convert new readers into loyal readers by building a brand that is attractive and draws people in. Make your blog interactive by inviting comments. Include competitions, polls and projects. Involve your readers as much as you can by way of social media, and maintain posting frequency to a daily update. It’s not impossible to make every post a hit, especially if your goal is to make your blog post go viral. Achieving this position demands consistent effort on your part to put your blog out there and connecting with an extensive following. Before you post your blog check for any errors, put your main topics into Google Keyword Tool (to optimize the most popular keywords), and add pictures next to key items. After posting use the following guide to connect with as many readers as possible:

  • Add to your email signature
  • Add to your next newsletter
  • Add to your signature in forums
  • Directory submissions
  • Forum comments
  • Link to our own past and future blog posts
  • Post on Forums in niche
  • Post to Face book
  • Post to Google +
  • Post to LinkedIn
  • Post to Pinterest, if applicable
  • Post to Twitter
  • Post to YouTube, if applicable
  • Press releases
  • Provide SEO keywords for images
  • Refer to posts on LinkedIn
  • Refer to posts on Quora
  • Refer to posts on Yahoo! Answers
  • Relevant blog comments
  • Request other bloggers to mention your post
  • RSS directory submits
  • Social bookmarking
  • Submit to Delicious
  • Submit to Digg
  • Submit to Reddit
  • Submit to StumbleUpon
  • Submit to Technorati
  • Submit to Yahoo Buzz

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