Who We Are

Who We Are introduces Theresa Lütge-Smith and Gary Bruce Smith as SAWN’s permanent full-time writers/editors, both uniquely qualified to undertake the services offered by the South African Writers’ Network. Click on the image for more information. 

Theresa: “I’m a published author of  four business books and have written a number of self-study tutorials [creative writing; editing and proofreading; business writing; and self-publishing] and numerous ‘How To’ eBooks [including Freelance Writing; Start a Coffee Shop; Training Domestic Workers; Marketing Your Fine Art]. I’m an experienced writer, editor and  publisher. Projects I find most rewarding include writing articles, features, manuscripts and advertorials to publicize business and develop human capital; preparing book manuscripts for publication; and creating original info-graphics. My career background includes Public Relations, Journalism, and Marketing. I’m a member of the Professional Editors’ Group (South Africa). In an economy defined by change and speed, my aim is to continually develop the ability to invent new processes and possibilities and to address its unanticipated effects; and to apply these ideas and practices to unmet human needs. I am particularly passionate about issues relating to changing patterns in global business; voluntary simplicity – finding alternatives to consumerism and ways to reduce our dependency on mainstream economics – and furthering education through online training courses.”

Formal Sector Employment
Copywriter (Performing Arts – PACOFS, PACT)

Editorial Assistant (Foundation for Education, Science and Technology)
Development Officer (Boithusong Training Centre) skills development
News Reporter (Radio) SABC
Ad-hoc Lecturer (Damelin Business College)
Self-employment (Writer, Editor, Designer, Researcher)
Published Author
Creative Director/Editor: SAWN
Columnist for Eastern Cape EXpress (Media24) Port Alfred

Client list includes
Think Wellness Rehabilitation, Health and Lifestyle Management Center (SA)
Fluid Power Safety Institute (USA)

Vertical Scope (USA)
PC International (SA)
Ednoland (Singapore)
S.A.Yellow (SA)
Global Sources (Singapore)
MBA South Africa (SA)
Zipp Health (Ariculotherapy Clinic) SA
Zreiss (USA)
Rosleigh Tristan Communications (SA)
The Development Review (magazine) SA
Merloni Total Brand Support Consultants (SA)
Vibrations Recording Studio (SA)
DM Solutions (Dynamic Management Solutions) SA
Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility (ICSR SA)
Achiever (magazine) SA
Ubuntu (magazine) SA
Leaders in Wellness (magazine) SA
Imaginet (Internet Service Provider) SA
Spiral Dynamics (SA)
Numerous authors (editorial, self-publishing) SA
Board of Healthcare Funders of Southern Africa (BHF)

CD Presentation for IBMSSA (International Business Management Services South Africa)
e-degree (modules for Financial/Business Journalism Course) Midrand University South Africa
Business Plan/Promotional Marketing for Educational CD-ROM — Creative Software Solutions (CSS)

Computer/Design Programs
CorelDraw; Microsoft Excel; Microsoft Power Point; Macromedia Dreamweaver; WordPress; Paint Shop Pro

Gary:My career background includes English Literature (University Lecturer), Journalism and Academic Research. I am able to provide a comprehensive service to students, business practitioners and individuals within diverse industries. All writing assignments are based on the exact specifications provided by the client. Assignments include thesis proposals, dissertations, research papers, literature essays, reports, theses, white papers, and academic study guides. Specialties include creative writing, ghost writing and editing.”

Gary B. Smith is an experienced service provider of custom written papers (academic) since 2001. All writing assignments are based on the exact specifications provided by the client. “The client is assured work of a high standard, delivered on deadline, whether it be within hours, days, or weeks. All work is guaranteed plagiarism free. All assignments are held in the strictest confidence; client privacy is a priority.” Other writing and editing assignments include thesis proposals, research papers, literature essays, book reports, Ph.D. dissertations, Master theses, reports, and study guides.

“My career background includes English Literature (University Lecturer), Journalism, News Reporter, and Academic Researcher. I am able to provide a comprehensive service to students, business practitioners and individuals within diverse industries.”
Academic Qualifications
1973 B.A degree (University of Natal, South Africa)

1982 Hons. English (University of the Orange Free State, South Africa)
1986 M.A. Degree in English Literature (University of the Orange Free State, South Africa)
2014 Presently researching Ph.D. “The Dark God’s in English Literature”
Employment History
South African Broadcast Corporation (SABC), Radio News Journalist (1975 – 1982)

Vista University (Bloemfontein Campus), Lecturer in English Literature (1983 to 2000)

  • Full-Time Research-Writer/Editor (2001 to date)
  • Specialist SEO Practitioner
  • Social Media Manager

Professional Fine Artist/Sculptor
“I practice fine art (most media including oil, pastel) and sculpture (steel, ciment fondu, fiber glass). My portfolio includes numerous one-man and group exhibitions, including The National Volkskas Atelier finalist (1986). Revolving online gallery at  ArtSmith Fine Art & Sculpture; artist studio in Port Alfred, Eastern Cape (South Africa).”

Internet Experience
Twenty years practical experience in all aspects of Internet protocol and web design. Top Ten rating in major South African search engines for SAWN.
Practical experience in Html and Javascript
Software – Corel Draw, Corel Ventura, Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Office, Frontpage 98, Various Html editors including Macromedia, Dreamweaver \ WordPress, and Hotmetal Pro

Published Articles:

The Demise of the Spiritual in Contemporary Art: Why Kandinsky’s Writings are Important. .http://www.daftblogger.com/the-demise-of-the-spiritual-in-contemporary-art-why-kandinskys-writings-are-important/

IslamOnline: Situation of Children in Iraq Worsens

Undercover Medicine: Has the Iraq war created a medical disaster?

Various commissions for articles and research:

Web Guides on various Topics published by Ezywebguides – see Amazon.com
Contributor to Mediocom
Freelance researcher for MyFamily.com

Knowledge producer at InstantKnowledge
Editor for Briefme.com
Research for Verticalscope
Researcher/writer for Strategy-i
Writer for print/online publication; target readership: Webmasters

The BBC’s Struggle http://islami-news.blogspot.com/2009/10/bbcs-struggle-for-independence.htmlor Independence

Predictions About the Future of Iraq
Has the Iraq war created a medical disaster?
Governments lack the willpower to fight AIDS
Gary talks to UK MP Paul Marsden about the AIDS crisis in Africa
Web guides on various topics published byEzywebguides – see Amazon.com