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Do you need well-written topic-specific web content?

Effective web content begins with first establishing what you want to achieve with your web site. If it is your aim to get visitors to purchase something, read your web content or have them sign up for your newsletter? Bear in mind that the type of content published on your site is meant to motivate users you can’t see and have never met in person to take a step towards building a relationship with you or your company.

  • An important introduction to your business is to post a Customer Profile (brief description of a customer or group of customers based on their demographic, geographic, and psycho-graphic characteristics, as well as buying habits and purchase history.
  • Are they young, middle aged or senior?
  • Are they primarily male or female?
  • Are they financially secure or budget-minded?
  • What topics attract your target audience?
  • What are their most pressing concerns?
  • It is also valuable to find out what the needs and desires of your visitors are.
  • Answer the question how they will benefit from buying your product or subscribing to your e-zine as clearly and concisely as possible or they will click away.

Contact Theresa (ecottage@gmail.com) to produce web content.

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