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A chief objective when editing [and writing] a resume (curriculum vitae) should be to produce a highly personalized document that succinctly collates relevant information about an applicant’s education, qualifications, employment history, and social network identity, to adequately meet the requirements of the prospective position. Also read Portfolio Writing Service.

By using SAWN’s professional Resume Editing Service you can expect your application to open doors to landing the job you deserve. Whether you are applying for your first job, an internship, changing careers, or seeking advancement, you need a professional resume to get your foot in the door for an interview. Applicants today face fierce competition and it’s important to know how to position them in the job market. Gone are the days when a simple resume outlining basic education background and work experience was enough – changes in today’s employment environment have re-written the rules significantly. Today’s hiring managers want a resume that tells them what they need to know in a concise, well-ordered way.

  • Preliminary Application

Many companies today prefer an online preliminary application, where skills and scenarios are presented as a forerunner to submitting a formal Resume Package. In lieu of a cover letter, some ask for a questionnaire-based applicationa one paragraph About Me narrative, and access to a candidate’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter to give prospective employers an accurate glimpse into the capabilities and interests of a potential employee.

  • Formal Resume Package

Jobseekers today face a tight, competitive job market; it is therefore vital  that people set themselves apart from the herd by adopting a philosophy of lifelong learning and developing abilities to develop specific traits sought by modern employers. In short, employers look for an employee that understands the challenges companies face on a day-to-day basis [industrial espionage, global trade, import/export, human resource development, occupational health & safety, on-time new product launches, and so forth]. Employers also look for employees that are able to recognize new opportunities, identify innovative solutions to problems, and who are financially literate [to save the company time and money and continually grow their bottom line]. The resume should be no more than two-pages in length.

Other basic requirements of an employee in most industries include:

  • The ability to collate and analyze quantitative data
  • Confident communicator [engaging with people inside and outside an organization]
  • Critical Thinking [making decisions, taking the initiative to solve problems]
  • Emotive public speaker (delivering speeches and presentations]
  • Investigating and satisfying customer needs
  • Language proficiency [write and  edit reports]
  • Obtain and process information
  • Computer literate and proficient with computer software programs
  • Self-management [plan, organize and prioritize work]
  • Project Management
  • Technical knowledge related to the job
  • Working independently, when required
  • Working within a team [collaborative leadership], when required

In other words, employers want their employees to be multi-skilled; the onus is therefore on the individual to constantly improve and upgrade their skills portfolio. This can be done in a variety of ways.

  • Broaden skills diversity [show initiative by identifying more effective applications, up-skill fellow employees]
  • Enhance and improve skills you already have [workshops, short courses, self-study]
  • Explore more than one skill set [introduce employee-rotation system to advance skills]
  • Strive to be the very best at what you do [keep abreast with new technological developments, introduce lean management techniques]
  • Volunteer your services on an ad-hoc basis to companies, to gain knowledge and practical experience in the vocation you are interested in

Contact Theresa ( to update your resume, or write one from scratch. Our custom Resume Package consists of a

  • cover letter
  • front page executive summary [presents the reader with a narrative summary of the résumé, an explanation by the candidate that outlines their career aspirations, and a good quality head-and-shoulders photograph of the candidate]
  • personal details [name, address, age, date of birth, contact details, and so forth]
  • formal resume [qualifications, information about employment in reverse chronological order (last position first); employment dates and detailed job histories (accomplishments with each job description), applicant’s skills and expertise that will improve an operation, and names and contact details of references


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