Research Paper Writing Service

Do you need well-written copy that uses the best appropriate resources available?

SAWN’s Research Paper Writing Service collects data from a variety of sources to write or edit copy for Autobiographies, Tutorial and Research Papers, Presentations, Dissertations and Academic Essays. We also undertake

  • Critical writing (reviews on art, literature, and products)
  • Magazine writing (sales literature, specialist topics for a specific industry, business or profession)
  • Newspapers (specialized editorials on topics, e.g. business, education, farm, fashion, food, garden, real estate, science, sports, travel and lifestyles)
  • Business and Industry (company publications, speeches, press releases, proposals, presentations)
  • Magazine articles (non-fiction features, personality profiles, advertorials)
  • Book self-publishing (text books, religion, travel, nonfiction, poetry)
  • Ghostwriting (speech writing, books, feature articles, advertorials)
  • New Product Releases (trade journals, newspapers, magazines, advertorials, sales letters)
  • Self-Publishing (manuscripts for printed books, e-books).

Contact Theresa ( for writing and editing assignments.

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