Portfolio Writing Service

SAWN offers a Portfolio Writing Service aimed at developing custom purpose-specific portfolios, for individuals who want to impress prospective employers with a comprehensive work portfolio in place of just a standard resume, as well as entrepreneurs and salespersons who are single-minded in their determination to build brand awareness and attract customers by way of an all-inclusive sales portfolio. 

What is a Portfolio?

A portfolio serves as an extension of a standard resume to provide Human Resource Interviewers with a broad-spectrum collection of the best examples of their education and employment history [referred to as a Work Portfolio]. Another type of portfolio [referred to as a Sales Portfolio] is used by companies to target new customers. Having an eye-catching portfolio that showcases your commodities can put you ahead of your competitors [and clinch sales]. Unlike a brochure, which is usually left with a client, a portfolio is a more comprehensive marketing tool. It may contain leaflets and product sheets, as well as illustrated brochures or separate photographs and other visual examples of merchandise, as well as detailed descriptions of services provided. Even consultants should use a sales portfolio to make their intangible services more tangible. Review the portfolio on a regular basis to keep it current. Portfolios can be in hard copy, online or digital; ideally you should have the  portfolio in all three forms. The hard copy can be reviewed during the interview and left behind. While an online portfolio [Internet] forms part of a Web site and is accessible at any time, digital copies [PDF] are quick and simple to email to potential employers or customers.

All portfolios should contain a few key elements that include:

  • awards or special recognition
  • copies of professional certifications
  • incidents of performance above quota
  • key samples of best nonproprietary work
  • letters of recommendation
  • list of professional organization memberships
  • list of professional references
  • performance reviews and evaluations
  • rankings of your performance within your peer group
  • resume
  • sales training courses, classes or workshops attended
  • special industry-related skills

Work Portfolio

A work portfolio can be a good tool to help you land a new job or internship, justify a raise or boost your chances for a promotion.

  • If you are a writer, include your resume, samples of your writing, a screenshot of your Web site, printed reviews of your work, and interviews.
  • If you are a chef, include things like your training certificates, testimonials, inspection reports, menus, written recipes of your specialties, and restaurant reviews.
  • If you are an accountant, include your resume, a detailed list of the software systems you use, examples of the type of bookkeeping reports you prepare, along with letters of commendation. 
  • If you are an architect, include a list of projects you have designed or worked on [supported by photos] and records that illustrate your ability to meet deadlines and maintain high levels of safety, as well as your resume. 
  • If you are an artist, include a list of exhibitions [group and one-man] that represented your work, awards, clips from magazines and newspapers, a written profile that outlines the artist’s training, range of art styles, screenshot of your Web site, photos of work [categorized according to art styles] and examples of print programs that validate exhibition participation. 

Sales Portfolio

A portfolio is an effective sales tool. Companies that target business buyers rely heavily on the white papers, articles, blogs posts, books, newsletters and other documents they publish to position their products or services as effective solutions to particular business problems their customers face. Include:

  • brochures
  • certificates & awards
  • client testimonials or thank-you letters
  • clips from magazines and newspapers
  • company profile
  • list of product/services, with a brief description of each
  • print-out’s of your Web-site pages
  • product reviews
  • relevant licenses
  • proof of Insurance
  • visual material (photographs of products, management and personnel, vehicle fleet, exterior and interior of business)

Contact Theresa (ecottage@gmail.com) to develop a portfolio.


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