Graphic Design

Two obvious ways that an organization communicates its company identity is through a slogan that clearly exemplifies its positioning, and by developing a visual image (graphic look, logo) that articulates the feel and culture of the organization. The artwork need not be elaborate, but it must be consistent with the message that you are trying to communicate to your target audience. The objective is to develop a durable graphic presentation of the business that will work for your organization ten years hence as well as it does today. The graphic look also must be appropriate for a variety of different communication mediums and branding (advertising, stationery, packaging, signage, merchandise). A coherent vision of your product or service is presented through colour, art and graphic design.

SAWN is able to design

  • packaging
  • book covers
  • book illustrations
  • imprinted merchandise
  • websites
  • info-graphics
  • vehicle signage
  • billboards
  • brochures
  • stationery

Contact Theresa ( to discuss your graphic design requirements.

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