Fundraising Campaign

We refer to a Fundraising Campaign as “wallet-economy” – getting donors to take out their cheque books to support a worthy cause. Fundraising themes are generally rated in terms of their distinctiveness, interest and authenticity. A campaign needs promotional material for newspapers, magazines, radio & TV, the development of leaflets and brochures for distribution, and preparation of speeches for administrators to present to civic and business groups. 


Fundraising blitz to save the Rhino spreads in South Africa: The battle against poaching is at a fever pitch in South Africa, the country hardest hit by the scourge, spawning scores of fundraising campaigns. Carrying a trendy shopping bag or sporting a brightly beaded bracelet have become fashionable ways of flagging awareness of the plight of the rhino, whose horn is used in traditional Asian medicine in the false belief that it has powerful healing properties. Each donation matters.

The purpose of a Fundraising Campaign

The purpose of a fundraising campaign should be to generate funding to support a non-profit project or raise money for a charity. SAWN is able to assist in developing a fundraising strategy and create a written plan to execute a Fundraising Campaign, and organize a group of  adult volunteers who are responsible to a Campaign Leader [the team should be skilled in basic Project Management and have good communication skills to ensure everyone is kept informed and motivated]. If necessary, independent participants may be contracted during the campaign, including one person [or company] who is responsible for managing the income and expenses. The duration of a typical campaign runs between two and four weeks.

SAWN will establish the following:

  • fundraising goal
  • how much money must be raised
  • product or service selection
  • product selling price

Selling Tips

  1. At the start, focus on selling to people you know – friends, family, colleagues and neighbours
  2. Tell people why your organization is fundraising when asking for their support
  3. Be confident of your association with the campaign
  4. Be cheerful, courteous and smile
  5. Always thank people whether they buy or not
  6. Turn in your money on time

Fundraising Ideas

  • Arts and crafts fair
  • Auction
  • Art exhibition
  • Battle of the bands
  • Book sales
  • Braai (barbecue) fair
  • Cake sales
  • Charity dinner
  • Cookie sales
  • Create a cookbook and sell it
  • Concert
  • Doughnut sale
  • Fancy dress football
  • Fashion show
  • Jumble sales
  • Musical evening
  • Raffles
  • Silent auction
  • Treasure Hunt
  • World Food Day

Contact Theresa ( to create your Fundraising Campaign Plan.

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