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Freelance writing is like running your own business.  Focus on developing a brand around your services by starting your own blog. Invite comments from readers to learn what readers want to know. Brand building is about credibility, consistency, quality and relationships — four things your clients are aiming for as well! Most online businesses today are looking for skilled writers to produce quality content for their online marketing [and that of their customers], which means they depend on freelance writers to come up with subject ideas that stand out from the rest.

Jobs may include writing bios and press releases for PR agencies; Web content about new product launches, packaging information, product reviews, interviews, presentations, speeches, reports, advertorials, feature articles, and so forth.  Determine which topics you are most passionate about, and stick to these areas to deliver your best work [choose to specialize or generalize]. If you want to excel as a freelance writer you also need to develop skills to become a dedicated social network marketer and familiar with the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process – it is vital that you consistently inform and remind the world about your writing services and how your unique content writing can help businesses grow.

Also promote your work through forums, articles, blog comments, and discussion groups. If you decide to extend your reach as a writer to editors and publishers, draft a basic, well-written email query and submit at least six strong article ideas [each with a paragraph description of the intended content]. Since ideas are regarded the currency of a freelance writing service, you may be invited to contribute to sites as a guest blogger or interview opportunities; take advantage of every opportunity to promote your business. Always challenge your comfort zone by seeking assignments that will broaden your skills.

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