Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing refers to mail-order, direct correspondence, e-mail, websites, telephone marketing, or any method of marketing that links your company directly with the recipient; there is no middle man, it does not require a store – only a seller and a buyer. Direct mail is easily measurable.  Record all the data that you send and receive so that you can easily identify which campaigns work best and the ratio of crucial leads versus actual sales. Direct-mail marketing allows you to

  • build brand identity
  • canvass prospects
  • grow brand loyalty
  • explore the opportunity to pursue a personal dialogue with customers, prospects and suppliers

A direct mail package normally comprises a specially designed dispatch envelope, lift letter (expanded testimonials from satisfied customers), sales brochure, response aid (order form, coupon, reply-paid envelope); and an incentive (gift) to respond quickly. Other items that may be included in the direct mail package are postcards, audio-tapes, video-tapes, flash sticks, and branded merchandise such as a key-ring, mouse-pad, coaster, coffee mug, t-shirt, booklet bookmark, door hanger, pen or promotional item made from seeded-paper. It helps if you have access to a mailing list of highly targeted recipients you’ll be sending your correspondence to the right people, which increases your likelihood of sales and makes the campaign cost-effective.

Direct Mail Marketing should be planned to have a long shelf life. What you should aim for is to have the recipient display your “branded item” (letter, brochure, postcard) onto their refrigerator where they can see it every day. Bulk mail might be an old way to advertise (perhaps even labeled as spamming) but it’s immediate, effective and successful. The challenge is to do something different to attract consumers’ attention – send direct mail to increase your sales and grow a loyal customer base. Add direct mail to your marketing mix.  The right message will motivate your reader to take action. Here are some direct mail tips to create the wow factor:

  • Give a free gift to increase response
  • Use short copy, avoiding excessive use of buzz words
  • Use colourful info-graphics to support your message
  • Hire a professional copywriter for your content
  • Hire a professional graphic designer for the info-graphic
  • Make it easy to respond (email, mobile texting)
  • Keep track of target recipients, replies and follow-up
  • State your geographical service area (global, national, regional, local)
  • Make it easy to pay (credit cards, terms)
  • Include icons with your phone number, fax, email
  • Separate features and benefits (bullet points)
  • List concise FAQ’s
  • Use handwritten notes
  • Include case studies and success stories
  • Outsource creative tasks as needed (copy writing, design, printing)
  • Plan and prepare mailings on a 3-month cycle
  • Add PR and media to mailing list
  • Mail to trade organizations and educational institutions
  • Put the addresses of your website and social media on all mailing pieces
  • Dare to be different; opt for a mailing package in an odd shape
  • Include your business card
  • Publicize your direct-mail campaign

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