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Matthiew Smith - writer and student

“I consider myself a hard worker and an avid learner, and value each experience as a learning curve. I am passionate about working with people and once I set a goal for myself, I make sure to complete it to the best of my ability. My abilities cover a wide but interconnected range of interests, including creative writing, research, digital marketing, hospitality and a general  enthusiasm for various aspects of life and living in the contemporary world. “


General overview:  skills and abilities

I am a regular contributor as freelance writer and member of the South African Writers’ Network (SAWN).  As such, I am part of a team of professional online writers and editors. SAWN has a 15 year respected track record of writing, research and editing.

I have published a number of articles and various online publications, including the following:

Millennials and Healthy Nutrition

“Personal” space in today’s world


Content writing: I am an experienced blog and content writer. Please see writing clips in the addendum to this CV.


I am in the process of completing a thesis for my B.Comm Degree and have been actively involved in research projects within the hospitality and marketing arena, as well as carrying out in-depth research to write various feature articles and commissions, as well as research on subjects of interest such as modern health and technology and the issue of personal privacy in the modern world.

Marketing & Public Relations

My involvement in my degree and the field of hospitality has broadened my interests and abilities in terms of contemporary marketing techniques; as well as honing my skills in public relations. I have also become competent in the area of online marketing and the process of online promotion by way of via social media and digital platforms.

Social media and media

I am a trained search engine optimization (SEO) practitioner and skilled in social media marketing and promotions.

Personal Details

Name                                       Matthew Scott Bruce Smith

Age                                          25

Identity Number                  920416

Nationality                             South African

Marital Status                        Single

Residential area                    Eastern Cape

Residential address              Port Alfred

Contact Number                    + 27 (0) 46 624-2793 [landline]

Contact number:                    +Skype ID: matty_matt1

Mobile Number                      0772 393 1504

Language                                 English

Health                                      Good

Driver’s License                      Code 8

Hobbies, interests                  Sculpture, Jogging, Horticulture, Writing

Availability                               Immediately

Salary package                         Negotiable


Matriculation (2010) Port Alfred High School

Stenden University, Port Alfred

B. Comm. International Hospitality Management (2012 – present)




STENDEN SOUTH AFRICA                                                              

Current studies: B.Comm. (International Hospitality Management)

Subjects covered: Alcoholic Beverages, Economics, Gastronomy, Hotel Management, South African and European Law, Hygiene and Nutrition, Business English, Excel, Intercultural Management, Marketing, Bookkeeping, Human Resource Management, Facility Management, Guest Complaints, Managerial Accounting, Rooms Division Management, Revenue Management, and Economics.

Responsibilities & Achievements:

  • SRC, Social Media (2012-2013)
  • First level First-Aid Competency
  • Spanish level B1

Year 1:

Entry level subjects were covered, such as managerial accounting; Spanish level 1; Business English; Gastronomy; Excel; Marketing


Year 2:

More in-depth subjects were covered, such as: Statistics; Bookkeeping; Revenue Management; Human Resources; Law; Spanish level 2


Year 3:

Management:  Other than working at MyPond Hotel to acquire practical experience, training in the third year helps the student adapt to a professional working environment.  Board meetings are a norm and formal uniform has become the daily outfit of choice.  During the final stage of Academics, case studies are analysed and relevant assignments are completed to give students an understanding of what to expect in the working world.


Port Alfred Hospital: I worked as a Food Service Assistant (3 months), followed by 3 months within the Human Resources Department.

Mainstream Schooling:

Port Alfred High School (Matriculated, University Exemption; November 2010)

Qualification: Grade 12, equivalent to B levels

Subjects covered: Consumer Studies; Biology; Computer Applications Technology (CAT); English; Afrikaans; LO; Mathematics Literacy

Responsibilities & Achievements: 

  • Media Monitor
  • Achievement awards for English writing
  • Participated in athletics
  • Volunteered to work at all school functions


MyPond Hotel, Port Alfred – In-house practical training (June to December 2012, 6 Months)       

1st year, operational staff

Responsibilities & Achievements:

  • Ensured that the restaurant was set-up and guests were being attended to
  • Assisted the Executive Chef
  • Front office responsibilities
  • Housekeeping responsibilities
  • One of the students with the highest marks with regards to practical work

 2nd year, Supervisor:

  • Supervised all departments (rooms; restaurant; kitchen and front office/reception)
  • Mentored and supervised first year students
  • Marking students
  • Cooking and plating within the Kitchen Department
  • Hosting

3rd year, Human Resources Manager

  • Shadowed the head of HR
  • Scheduling and staff checks
  • Department checks
  • Conflict resolution and mediation


Fish River Sun (December 2010 – 4 weeks)


Responsibilities & Achievements:

Running the bar


Tahoe Spur (April 2009– 4 weeks)


Responsibilities & Achievements:

Serving Tables; Cashing up; Cleaning and locking up


Zest Cafe  (October 2012 – 2014)

Waiter casual basis

Responsibilities & Achievements:

Serving; Cashing up; Opening and closing the restaurant; stock taking; hosting


South African Writers’ Network (SAWN) 2015 – present

Freelance Guest Writer 

Responsibilities & Achievements:

Editing articles and blog posts; honing writing ability


Working at numerous restaurants and hotels, I have learned to work with people from all walks of life and gained insight how the hospitality industry functions.  I have learned that it is vital to be patient with people and allow them the opportunity to express their likes and dislikes; I have faced numerous communicative challenges in this regard and discovered that a quiet and friendly approach is paramount. Through experience I have also learned that I would like to focus more on a Human Resources Perspective within the hospitality industry. I have gained practical experience working in rooms division, restaurant, kitchen and front office. Being a third year student has given me the chance to discover the responsibilities that come with running an organisation, and I have grown as a person through this.

Working for the South African Writer’s Network (SAWN) has helped me hone my skills with regard to writing and editing – as well as researching for said writing/editing.  Having been given the chance, I have discovered a new career path – writing — as opposed to concentrating solely on aspects related to the hospitality industry; however, I have learned to embrace all I have learnt and combine the skills and knowledge acquired from hospitality to bring new life to my writing.


Megan Walwyn, Senior Lecturer

Telephone:  +27 (0) 46 604 2247

Fax:  +27 (0) 86 604 4284


Juliet Chipumuro, Master of Business Administration / Senior Lecturer

Telephone:  +27 (0) 46 604 2204

Fax:  +27 (0) 86 604 4284

Mobile:  +27 (0) 73 028 9151


Wouter Hensens MA, Academic Dean

Stenden South Africa

T:  +27 (0) 46 604 2239


Theresa Lutge-Smith, Creative Director: SAWN


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