Corporate History

Do you need to build a powerful brand identity for your company? Creating a distinctive identity, based on the corporate history of an organization, involves historical research to help a company celebrate its past and plan for its future. The objective is to show how the company was shaped, and in turn influenced, by history and most importantly, how the challenges of the past are relevant to today’s demands. It’s important to validate what your brand stands for, what makes it stand out above the rest and its perceived worth.

  • Regularly reassess who your target audience is and make the brand’s worth clear and obvious to them.
  • Brand loyalty is about sustained perception and the most powerful brands are built from the inside out on differentiation.
  • Creating a distinctive logo and tagline that captures the essence of your brand boosts credibility.
  • A quality website helps to differentiate your business while introducing your brand to global customers.
  • Creating a brand identity and social media connectivity is essential; it’s important to create a profile for your business on social media platforms frequented by your customers and prospects.
  • Create compelling communications that motivate customers to prefer your brand and recommend it to other consumers.
  • Take note of any complaints, criticisms, suggestions and questions relevant to your brand; be sure to respond in a constructive manner and remember to deliver on your promises.
  • Regularly review the appearance of your website; question whether the content material meets the needs of your customers and attracts prospect.
  • Are your social media channels inviting?
  • Is your messaging consistent with your brand?

Consider Leveraging Cause-Marketing.

Whether you support a shelter for stray pets or donate services to a local charity, giving back to your community can boost your brand identity.

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