Consultation on Communications/Public Relations

When last have you taken an objective look at the image your business projects?

Does the overall image of your business look professional? Does it give customers an idea of what it’s like to do business with you? How important is service in your particular type of business? What percentage of your business is based on repeat purchases? How competitive is your product or service within your industry? Is your business customer-friendly?

SAWN offers a consultation service on how to:

  • develop your company identity (slogan, graphic look, office/work environment)
  • revise functional positioning (business focus, develop a matrix of market needs parallel to your organization’s strengths)
  • audit current Marketing Pie (advertising and positioning, audience promotion, sales and sales training, market research, and programming)
  • develop your marketing mix (people, professionalism, positioning, product, planning, packaging, promotion, place and price)
  • define your business from your customer’s point of view (the first step towards making yours an outward-looking business)
  • build awareness of your business (it’s not just what you sell, but also how you sell it)
  • establish and maintain an active network
  • develop a global showcase
  • create presentations for decision makers
  • explore new trends
  • devise a service-based policy

Contact Theresa ( to structure a Public Relations proposal for your company.

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