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A company newsletter has always been a valuable marketing tool; however, in recent years with mailing costs becoming prohibitive, they have lost some of their appeal. E-newsletters or online newspapers have become part of the savvy marketer’s promotional arsenal. They are an excellent way to introduce your company to new prospects; stay in touch with current customers, solidify and enhance your relationship with customers, promote new products, services or special offers; position your company as the authority on a certain subject; and capture names and contact information of people who visit your website. What kind of information is appropriate for an e-newsletter? Anything that will be of interest or value to your subscribers, including data about industry trends, industry news, plans for your company, information about new products, helpful tips about applications of your products, links to relevant websites, Q&As, info-graphics, photos, and so forth. However, too much self-promotion is a turn-off and viewed as junk mail. An online newsletter can include links to different areas of your website. We are able to write or edit your company newsletter. 

What to write about?

  1. Announce forthcoming events such as trade show exhibitions, lecture-demonstrations and new product launches.
  2. Blogs, articles, and interviews.
  3.  Book reviews are of interest to most people.
  4. Case studies that highlight how your business solved problems.
  5. Company news including awards, new contracts, new staff appointments, and so forth.
  6. Competitions and quizzes are a great way to keep readers engaged.
  7. Human interest stories like births, engagements and marriages help to connect with your audience.
  8. Include information about your social media pages, website and anywhere else your business is promoted.
  9. Include your recent blog posts.
  10. Industry news to keep your audience informed.
  11. Jokes and motivational quotes to show the lighter side of your business. .
  12. Market analysis and product reviews.
  13. Profile staff members and departments to boost customer relationships.
  14. Promote special offers.
  15. Things that you believe will inspire your audience, including recipes, travel tips, DIY techniques, ideas to get the best from life.
  16. Tips and advice to benefit your target audience.

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