Chapbooks are small hand-bound booklets commonly used to present a portfolio of writing such as poems, event advertising, short-short fiction, book trailers, or company history. Chapbooks are also effective as a product portfolio, how-to instructions or even a collection of recipes. Chapbooks originated in 16th Century Europe. A size A5 or even size A6 booklet can contain from 8 to 40 pages with a card stock cover and stapled-spine binding. Distribute as a promotional giveaway at trade shows, conferences, workshops, product launches, or as a magazine insert. Chapbooks allow you to grow relationships with existing customers, demonstrate your product and service, and generate competitive intelligence. Some chapbooks may be designed to be downloadable in PDF or Kindle-format.

  • Send out press releases to local newspapers.
  • Donate your chapbooks to libraries and other organizations. It is safe to predict that the time-honored tradition of chapbooks will delight readers for centuries to come.

Book trailer to attract readers: The purpose of a book trailer (summary of book) is to ultimately attract potential readers to a topic and its author. Chapbooks are a powerful publicity and marketing tool used by publishers, authors and book sellers. The following make for a great book trailer:

  • Cover the Big Questions – Describe the story using short, punchy phrases and single, powerful words. Use descriptive language to describe the main character(s) in a way that will allow the reader to create a mental image that stimulates curiosity. Include a balanced sketch of the story without giving away the entire plot.
  • End With a Tease – What intrigue surrounds the character(s)? What trials do your characters face and what is at stake? Your trailer should end with a question or scenario that compels readers to buy a copy of your book so they can discover what happens.
  • Create a Website – Promote your book online and offer a PDF version of your chapbook trailer to potential readers, to download. The idea is to stimulate their interest sufficiently to place an order to buy a copy of your book.

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