Business Plans

Do you need a well-written, comprehensive business plan?

Much hinges on a good business plan, including outside funding, credit from suppliers, management of your operation and finances, promotion and marketing of your business, and achievement of your goals and objectives. A sound business plan does more than just instill confidence in potential investors; it’s a road map you can use to get and stay in the fast lane to business success. The business plan has two functions: the bank or whichever financial institution you intend to approach for investment will require it; and it will be a vital strategic planning tool for your own use. Large businesses recognize that they must have a planning strategy, both for the short and the long term. Small businesses need them too. Financiers and business now regard a thorough and coherent business plan as an essential sign of business maturity.

  • Micro Business Plan: The fast-track micro business plan is perfect for deciding whether or not to proceed with a new business [R2 000].
  • Business Plans for New Enterprises (Start-Up’s) A formal business plan forces the new business owner to think through the key elements necessary to start and run a business (i.e. financial aspects, sales requirements, etc.) and to build and service a client base (i.e. manpower needs, systems, etc.). [R5 000]
  • Turnaround Business Plan for a troubled business Most businesses encounter some rough spots now and then. Saving and rebuilding a troubled business and to prevent a bankruptcy filing requires that you identify the root cause of the problem and put together new business, sales/marketing and operation plans. It is important to involve investors and employees in the development of these plans. Ask for their input. Meet with key customers and vendors to inform them of the situation and how you plan to correct it. [R10 000]
  • Business Plan to rejuvenate the mature business (when growth stops) Established businesses today have a hard task maintaining sustainable growth and all are concerned that yesterday’s engines of wealth creation may fail and in effect reverse their prosperity. Converting a mature organization into one that is dynamic and capable of delivering innovative strategy requires the ability to initiate radical change in both strategy and organizational capability. However, change is sometimes painful, slow and immensely difficult. Effective rejuvenation is from within: management must learn to act and think differently. They must believe there is potential for change, new ways of operating, and new strategies; that to create better profits a firm must give better service to customers and better value to its staff. [R10 000]

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