Annual Report

An annual report demonstrates a company’s accomplishments to current and future patrons, cultivates new partnerships, and acknowledges important people. All companies have a product or service they need to market in order to build credibility, grow a brand image, and establish market positioning. An annual report also serves as a vehicle to document a company’s important milestones, introduce new personnel, provide editorial validation of project management and assets, liabilities, expenses and earnings. The annual report collates important information that is critical when planning for the company’s future. Photographs and graphs are used to illustrate information and identify role players.

An annual report should contain the following key elements:

  • Visual appeal [graphic design, creative content layout with plenty of ‘white’ space, legible typeface, photos, graphs, illustration]
  • Well-written, relevant text [use simple unimposing words, keep editorial pieces fairly succinct without omitting important information]
  • Product Image [paper quality, printing, binding] or you may explore a low-cost digital format [include infographics, videos, animations]
  • Budget [production cycle, distribution]
  • Feedback [engage with stakeholders to obtain their opinion, to improve on future publications]

Contact Theresa ( for a quotation [research, writing, editing, layout, design, printing, binding]

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