Advertorial writing

“Marketing succeeds when enough people with similar worldviews come together in a way that allows marketers to reach them cost-effectively.” ~Seth Godin

An advertorial, also known as an infomercial or story marketing, is an advertisement designed to simulate editorial content. It offers valid information to prospective customers and is viewed as more credible than standard advertisements. In today’s highly competitive markets, story marketing makes a positive impact on sales and building brand awareness because a good infomercial acts more like a testimonial than a hard-selling advertisement. Advertorial writing comprises marketing messages that generate buzz for products, motivate customer loyalty, and communicate brand history. Engaging customers through story marketing means linking them with your product. An advertorial is a powerful marketing tool: distribute print copies of an advertorial to prospective customers and post it on your Website as a free download to users. The most effective publications are those that attract readers looking for quality content:

  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • niche publications


How to create a powerful advertorial:

  • Know the publication style and its readership
  • Describe what your subject will cover in the editorial
  • Highlight the benefits [something of value or usefulness] not the features [what your product or service has or does]
  • Include an appropriate headline, images to showcase the product or the person who offers the service and quotes [talk about benefits from the perspective of a client or customer who has used the product or service] to draw in your readers 
  • Tie benefits to a real life event or story to capture your audiences’ attention 
  • Make sure you include contact information [website, email address, phone] at the bottom of your article but leave off the price
  • Close with a Call to Action; tell your readers how they should respond [what to do, when and where to go]

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