Writing Competitions

Writing Competitions


Imagnary House is a boutique publishing house for children’s books and young adult literature in Cape Town, South Africa.
Imagnary House is focused on building a larger market for African children’s authors and illustrators by both igniting the local readership and engaging with international readers, rights’ and literary agents.

Imagnary House is opening their submissions, and are looking to build up their publication list for the next 2 years. What are they looking for? They love stories that are fun and imaginative, but also address current societal issues for children. They want simple stories that mean something and can feed positively into our children’s futures. However, they don’t like didactic or educational texts, and lean towards manuscripts that are diverse and
can travel across different cultures and countries. Imagnary House will consider submissions in the following genres:
• Children’s long form fiction (think Roald Dahl and CS Lewis narratives)
• Young-adult science-fiction, fantasy, or alternative-reality novels
• Comic books and graphic novels
Writers and illustrators can submit their work on Imagnary House’s submissions page.


The Science Fiction and Fantasy Club [South Africa] is running its annual short story competition.

It must be in English, and be Science Fiction or Fantasy.

Word length 2000 to 8000.

Closing date is 30th September 2017 (don’t leave it too late).

Prizes are R2 000, R1 000, and R500.

For more details contact the organizer Gavin Kreuiter on 084-830-0608, or check their website, WWW.SFSA.org.za, and look under Nova.

Happy writing!




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