What Kind of Guy Are You?

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What Kind of Guy Are You?
What Kind of Guy Are You?

He is independent and determined, and does what he wants when he wants!

Seeking validation from others about what kind of guy you are is not necessarily about gaining control. Movers and shakers of global conglomerates, innovative inventors and men of note did not achieve their formidable status by being sweet, tolerant and patient. Their formative years, from gawky adolescence to celebrating their birth year at age thirty, were fraught with yearnings to be accepted, admired, adored and acknowledged, not unlike the rest of the male population. Yet these achievers chose to live life with intent, kept their eye on the prize, threw caution to the wind, scoffed at doomsayers and soldiered on despite major intolerable waves of ignorant resistance. Theirs is a proud history of exploring life way beyond the normal parameters of mundane society, embracing the seemingly impossible in the midst of a vicious storm that threatens to destroy the fragile structure of what has already been painstakingly attained. These Rebels of Society acknowledge their success and standing in life as sacrifices worthy of their triumph. They have no regrets, only a wealth of tried and tested experience.

Every endeavour has its rewards. Young, vibrant males brave the unknown with eyes wide open, a heart filled with courage and optimism, and an attitude that is single-minded yet beckoning new awareness. The world needs more strong-minded visionaries who stand firm on their convictions; men, who turn their back on staid principles, and defy manipulative threats of imminent failure if they reject conformity. It’s a myth that in order to get ahead you must be a compliant team player and dance a slow tango with corruption and betrayal as your partner, or compelled into achieving fixed milestones within a 10-year plan like graduating cum laude, earning a six-figure income, signing up for membership to the right kinds of social club, starting a family, moving in the right circles, keeping healthy, and building that elusive nest egg to ensure a comfortable old age.

Finding your passion is everything. Every young man, even the warrior, stumbles upon challenges that make him feel insecure, stupid and a dismal failure. Don’t believe that every battle is easily won purely based on the audacious image he presents to the world. Despite his rogue exterior, good looks and style he does not earn favour with every woman he desires. A daily diet of rejection, limitation and ridicule nourishes his soul to nurture ever higher expectations of himself and an understanding of how cause and effect rally to make him stronger. Yet, on many occasions his dreams are crushed and need to be recycled, often reduced or reinvented. Disappointment rains daily on his scarred ego, making him more determined than ever to delve in the unfamiliar and the unknown.

A scarred ego is a badge of honour. To succeed in life you have to stand up and take some blows, to be a warrior. Yet, even brave warriors fall along the way, chip a tooth or break a limb, but they get up, brush themselves off and emerge victorious. His rogue public image masks a secret life that advances selective inner aspirations. He knows what he wants and searches relentlessly for opportunities to expand his knowledge about things often labeled peculiar and outrageous. He intentionally shuts his mind to the eternal mad chatter of the world and welcomes the inner-connectivity of Spiritual Awareness. While it’s not his intention to be viewed as rebellious, the growth process is often painful. And while not willfully looking for trouble, there’s an aura of danger about him. He is independent and determined; and does what he wants when he wants; and he expects to win. What kind of guy are you?

Words by Theresa Lutge-Smith (ecottage@gmail.com)

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