About SAWN

About SAWN

The South African Writers’ Network (SAWN), based in South Africa, is a GLOBAL SERVICE PROVIDERThe online company was launched in October 1995 offering writing, editing and publishing services. The incentive to set up a Web presence at that stage was to draw on the Internet as a learning resource to promote ourselves as freelance writers and to market our work to audiences worldwide.

What We Do

What We Do

SAWN works with large companies, non-profit organizations, education bodies, small businesses, online companies and webmasters, as well as individuals from all walks of life. Our aim is to develop long-term relationships with our clients. We work almost exclusively online, communicating with clients by email and occasionally by phone. 

Book Business Plan

Book Business Plan

Any writer who wants to publish their work — whether it is fiction or nonfiction — should develop a Book Business Plan (Proposal) for each manuscript. Book publishers require authors to submit a proposal that introduces the work to the Acquisitions Editor together with three random chapters, list of chapter headings and brief outline of each chapter, a synopsis and an author bio for review. An acquisitions editor and select editorial personnel determine whether the manuscript fits the publishing firms’ book list profile and if it is a viable business proposition.

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Writing a book


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Steps to Writing a Novel

Plotting the structure and pace of a novel must not only personify a unique way of looking at the world, the aim should consistently be to bring all aspects of the story together to hold the readers’ attention. While it helps to create a preliminary framework of the story to give you direction, it should be flexible. A good rule of thumb is to write off the cuff for at least the first fifty pages; allow the story to unfold without being restrictive to too many pre-determined notions. Where...

Academic Essay Writing

The purpose of an academic essay is for a scholar to not only demonstrate their understanding of a particular subject and develop their own ideas, but also to understand the ideas of other scholars. Writing an academic essay is also an opportunity for the student to communicate their understanding of the prescribed text and research material, with their lecturer or supervisor.   Enough time Never rush writing an essay. The process to follow starts with fully understanding the topic or questions. Brainstorm ideas that best outline the topic, including...

Tips on writing

Write a book for a ready readership Choosing a topic to write a book manuscript that targets a wide readership is perhaps just as daunting as it is to follow one’s subjective notion of a theme’s importance. On the one hand it might seem logical to opt for a topic that you know well or would like to know more about through research. On the other hand if a published work does not yet exist, it makes sense that you should write it. There is of course the risk...

Must-Read Books about Writing

Books on overcoming the struggles of writing The Writing Life by Annie Dillard The author of Pilgrim at Tinker Creek shares words of wisdom in this handy book where she discusses the difficulties of writing. She writes about how hard it is to write and how sometimes it is necessary to destroy paragraphs, phrases and words to re-form them as something even better. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron From time to time, every writer suffers from burnout or writer’s block. Julia Cameron’s book focuses on the craft of writing and training yourself...


There’s no handbook upon becoming an adult, complete with all the rules one needs to memorize and competencies to perfect. I believe important life skills are learned by way of interacting with experts and taking note of constructive advice.

“Personal” space in today’s world

Everyone wants their space; everyone enjoys being alone sometimes and having at the minimum some time to focus on themselves – or at least everyone deserves such a “space”. by Scott Bruce – Guest writer – see his CV here In today’s world “space” isn’t as freely available as it used to be.  I’m not talking about physical space-well, not entirely.  People are constantly connected today, most people are never in essence “alone”.  Perhaps you are home alone – lucky; but thanks to the ever welcome advances in technology, there...